ONPASSIVE’s products are built with core technology and innovation that assists in multi-level automation, enabling unparalleled digital transformation.

... Security

ONPASSIVE, a leading AI development company, secures your business's sensitive and regulated data with its' AI-driven frameworks that encrypt your data and applications with utmost security.

... Automation

ONPASSIVE is a robust AI & ML solutions provider specializing in AI-powered SaaS products and applications as a one-stop automation solution.

... Reliability

ONPASSIVE is a reliable business automation partner for your digital transformation. Our solutions are flexible, built on modern and secure AI platforms that can be used to deploy on-premises.

... Innovation

We design, architect, and help organizations that thrive on their data by incorporating scalability and by building data-backed smart decision-making tools based on cutting-edge AI & ML algorithms.

Who we are

Driving innovation through AI TECHNOLOGY

ONPASSIVE is the revolutionary IT development company that empowers businesses to capture new revenue streams and strategic insights through total business automation.

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We Are The Future of Technology

ONPASSIVE AI Software product development company brings a competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business and technology challenges. We accelerate innovation and transform businesses from strategy to designing, implementation, and management.

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Simplifying The Business Needs With AI Solutions

ONPASSIVE's product innovation strategies allow reinventing business models to help our customers achieve better operational efficiency and client experience. We enable the total value of game-changing AI and Machine Learning development solutions that are easy to use, adapt, and scale.


Let Distance And Age Not Be A Limitation To Your Learning Or Teaching. Reinvent Yourself With The Best E-Learning Platform To Learn And Earn.


O-Create Is An AI Powered Website Builder That Makes Creating And Developing A Website You Want Easy.


Create An Environment And Opportunities To Nurture Your Interests & Passion. Transform The Way You Do Business With World's Leading Brands.


We're the pioneers of end-to-end AI solutions

ONPASSIVE is known for data-led transformation that scales productivity and efficiency in your organization. We are the best platform for getting the right products and solutions to streamline your business and provide the most excellent chance of implementing the right IT solutions for your business.

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We are in IT to Win IT

We are an AI technology company that builds fully autonomous SaaS products using the latest AI Software Technologies for our global customer base. The customers who aim to accelerate innovation and transform their businesses from strategy to designing, implementing, and managing get their subscription to our software products through the SaaS business model.