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We developed O-Bless for a good cause. O-Bless is a non-profitable platform that helps to raise funds worldwide. O-Bless makes you connect with people worldwide to support the needy by raising funds easily and quickly.

This incredible platform connects you with donors and companies if you want to support a charity project that needs funds on an emergency basis. Moreover, we provide a multi-currency feature that helps you collect funds from different countries.

Our mission is to create impactful global awareness with the best crowdfunding platform. We developed the platform with the tools which create impressive investments. Our search features make your work easier by profile, time horizon, size, country, industry, and based on other criteria.

Make a Headstart to a Better Future

O-Bless aims to connect the people seeking financial assistance to people who are capable and willing to give a helping hand. The platform comes with two distinct ways of accessing as a benefactor and a campaigner.

As a Campaigner, O-Bless allows users to run campaigns to build awareness towards a cause and get funded by interested people. Users can run campaigns for financial assistance for a social cause, get direct help towards their own business or start-up funding, or personal upliftment causes like education or treatment.

As a Benefactor, you can access O-Bless to discover the various causes or campaigns that stir your compassion and pledge amounts without any returns or with returns.
O-Bless offers various NGOs and individual campaigners a platform to get the visibility they deserve and the much-needed assistance. To people who want to make a difference in the world, O-Bless offers you the gateway to start your crusade.

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O-Bless is a philanthropic platform that helps you connect causes that matter to you with the right people to support and realize them.


Content change w.r.t Product campaign approvals


Access to admin dashboard and reports


Create a useful campaign page


Upload engaging & motivating videos


Create profile pages for causes and backers


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O-Bless empowers people to unite for causes that matter to them and together bring about a change in the world.Crowd-funding generates exciting opportunities for backers and entrepreneurs.

If the campaign has reached the fund amount, then that particular campaign will show as successfully funded.

If a campaign has reached its goal, then the campaign dashboard will be updated with the latest details.

If you select the project, it will navigate to theĀ project detailĀ page. On the project detail page, you will get all the information regarding the project

You can select the campaign and be navigated to the details page which will contain information about the campaign.

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