Know More About O-Cademy

O-Cademy is an adaptive online course platform that enables learners and tutors to set their own pace for intellectual growth. Loaded with multiple features, this learning platform is equipped to give a fantastic experience to every user. Furthermore, O-Cademy is an exponentially flexible and highly scalable product that enhances course searchability according to the user’s requirements.

Smarter than the usual learning platforms, O-Cademy is AI-enabled online study course platform, giving you a world of newer and more targeted suggestions for your course curriculum whether you are learning or teaching. The Course Quality Checklist (CQC) for instructors guarantees the utmost proficiency of their courses, making them more attractive, marketable, and capable of providing a supplemental and inventive learning experience to all.

O-Cademy’s vision is to construct the world’s most extensive educational repository by engaging and empowering extraordinary educators to share their insights and make it accessible for learners worldwide, without any age limitation or occupation.

Learn and Earn Uninterrupted

Whether a student or professional, learning is the foundation for success. ONPASSIVE’s O-Cademy provides the best e-learning platform equipped with AI technology to aid your learning and skill development.

O-Cademy provides a learning space with courses curated by the best educators from across the globe. It lets you access the best online courses on the latest subject matters on a single platform.

For educators, O-Cademy allows reaching out to a student base all across the globe, thereby increasing your earning ability. With a platform that offers courses on all subject matters, you can present courses you are best in to get the maximum response.

O-Cademy’s interactive platform is powered by the latest AI technology and is designed to be the leader in its niche. Be it as a learner or a tutor, O-Cademy gives you the advantage of enhancing your skills or earning without disrupting your everyday life.

Key Features of O-Cademy

At O-Cademy, we provide the tools and skills to teach and learn what you love. Our vision is to construct the World's most extensive educational repository.


Unique & adaptable

Category wise filtration

Video quality & speed adjustment

Bulk videos updating

FAQ Looking For Something Else?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

To access the course that you have purchased, click on the course link sent to you on your confirmation email address.

O-Cademy can support several payment methods, depending on the origin of your account and your current location.

To add a course to your wish list from the course card, please follow the steps provided below:

  • Browse the course list to find something that suits your interest.
  • Place your mouse over the course card .
  • Click on the heart button beside the Add to Cart option to add it to your wish list.

Prior to publishing your course on O-Cademy, there are certain audio and video standards that must be met including:

  • The course video should be accompanied by an audio track that can be heard from both left and right speaker channels.
  • Additionally, O-Cademy requires you to submit audio that does not distract the video students.
  • Text-to-speech software should not be used.
  • To build trust and make the course more personable, include human elements.

To film an instructional video for an O-Cademy course, you can use the following types of cameras:

If you’re filming a video for your course, several different types of cameras can be used to record published O-Cademy courses:

  • HD Flip cameras
  • Go Pro cameras
  • Most DSLR cameras

If your system/device is already equipped with a camera, first check your system/device settings to see if your camera can shoot in 720 HD or higher. Alternatively, you can do an internet search using the name of the product and its model to check the resolution. If it can shoot in 720p HD or higher, the video produced will meet our video quality standards.