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Capture images and polish your video content


Know more about O-Capture

An image capturing and video recording tool with additional editing features adds an extra appeal to your presentations, business videos, and advertisements. The tool is an online screen recorder with an editing feature that helps you make your communication clear. For instance, remove the unnecessary content or trim out the necessary portion of the video that you want.

This screen recording software can add voice to your image presentation. You can add notes to your videos. Make your stories enjoyable, Narrate your videos, and add a subtext to the video. O-Capture allows you to grab an image as a horizontal/vertical scroll. Increase or reduce the resolution of your images or videos.

Like the camera, O-Capture offers a timer feature that allows you to time your screen grab and adjusts the frame accordingly. Plus, it allows you to customize your visual content, and you can store the content in your drive or the cloud. All your files will be stored in the tool’s cloud for 30 days.

Unlimited Screen Capture Anytime

O-Capture is a uniquely designed screen capture tool. It offers a lot more than a mere screenshot. It comes with multiple layers of features that give you the edge to present what you captured with the best quality.

With an in-built edit option and hundreds of stamps, every shot can be converted into a more informative image immediately. Powered with the latest technology, O-Capture introduces a new league of screen capture tools.

O-Capture is an excellent tool for recording live online events. Its high-quality audio and video recording gives you a flawless output. Furthermore, the unique features in the tool give you the advantage of adding special effects, subtitles and even trimming it as per your requirement.

This online screen recorder stands out from the rest of the tools in the niche due to its simple interface and high-quality output. O-Capture is an unlimited screen recorder merged with the feasibility of editing to make your recordings as engaging and interesting as you want.

Key Features of O-Capture

Improvise your videos and images with our specific features. Add a voice-over or include background music to your video. Trim a portion of your video or record one for unlimited time. Use O-Capture to realize the true potential of your visual communication.


Capture screens/Record Videos


Stream videos


Record conferences


Social Media Live Videos and Other Platforms


Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)


Save any content

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