Key Features of O-Chat

O-Chat is designed to cater to your customer’s needs and issues. The smart chatbot analyzes the customer’s urgency and makes necessary escalations. Listed below are some of its additional key features.

Conversational Maturity
Integrates with CRM
Emotionally Intelligent
Autonomous Reasoning
Free to Explore

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O-Chat is an AI-driven customer service software with live chat, voice, video call support, and customer self-service.

B2B and B2C businesses can use O-Chat software for internal chat, Messaging, Lead generation, or customer support in any field like IT, real estate, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, financial, etc.

The chat routing feature helps you to prioritize and route incoming chats to the right operators based on rules and conditions that are easy to set up. Conversations can be automatically routed to operators currently handling the least amount of chats, or they can go to a queue from which operators can pick them up.

O-Chat offers a chat-bot functionality to help your business operate 24×7. This functionality enables you to capture support requests even during odd hours and answer them once operators go online. This feature also allows you to answer common questions.

Yes, users can get the list of abandoned chats in the report section with chat preview after integrating the o-chat software on their websites.

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