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Connecting the world in an Instant!


Know more about O-Connect

Worldwide connectivity is today’s necessity. O-Connect, developed by ONPASSIVE, is an HD Audio and Online Video Conference Tool that provides unmatched clarity and quality to every virtual connect.

O-Connect comes with a highly detailed dashboard that allows every user to manage and track their activity with utmost ease. With unlimited participant addition to a meeting, and its many features like dual-screen share, external link integration, easy invites, and others, the tool simplifies every virtual collaboration.

O-Connect offers an automated speech-to-text service in multiple languages bridging any vernacular gap between the participants. Providing seamless connection with unmatched ease, O-Connect brings to the fore advantages of AI enablement that enhances the output of every virtual meeting in a world that gets smaller, with distance becoming immaterial as a limitation.

Transforming Virtual Communications

O-Connect is the best video conferencing software that provides a seamless virtual connect experience with multiple advantages. Equipped with a detailed dashboard, users can track their usage attendance and utilize the in-meeting chat options to improve engagement in every connection.

The easy-to-understand and manage O-Connect secure online meeting software is a perfect addition to your business communication setup. Its high-quality audio and video output make every meeting easy to record and replay anytime needed. Enabled with one-click upload and on-demand view, O-Connect gives the best experience to its users each time.

The speech-to-text is an essential feature that accurately converts the speech to text using an Application Programming Interface (API). Auto Language Translation is a feature that makes it easy for regional language speakers to understand the foreign language.

O-Connect online meeting platform facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing users to opt for dual-screen sharing, making it more effective. O-Connect aims to provide an easy and better way of staying connected in the virtual world.

Key Features of O-Connect

Bring unsurpassable ease and quality to every online meeting you have. With an AI-enabled platform steeped with the latest features, O-Connect gives every online interaction a new experience.


Send Invite by e-mail address


Direct link to YouTube


Integrated links to external URL


Attractive chat emojis


Schedule events, convert speech to text


Auto Language Translation

Looking for Something Else ?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

A webinar is a seminar/ workshop conducted on the Internet. Webinars are commonly used in sales, promoting and marketing, education sectors, or employee training sessions. Webinars are likewise called video conferences, web conferences, and webcasts. They permit users in various parts of the world to see, hear, interact with the presenters, ask questions, and respond to surveys.

O-Connect permits you to create as many events as you need in your record. You can schedule and prepare hundreds of events and have them accessible on your dashboard. You are likewise ready to choose the type of your upcoming events.

You can put together only one event at a time, meaning that the events cannot overlap yet can be hosted consistently.

The audio-video technology that O-Connect uses is WebRTC and HTML5 technology. It is the best quality that connects the browser with O-Connect continuously. This technology not just makes your work with the application smooth and significantly more comfortable at the same time. Most importantly, it delivers your webinar audience razor-sharp audio-video quality.

Indeed, it very well may be integrated with Youtube and Facebook.