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O-Desk is a Customer Relationship Management Tool that functions as a centralized database that records, analyses and stores customer contact and account-level information.

O-Desk helps you to keep track of customer information and interactions to assist in lead generations, sales forecasting, creation of quotes and processing orders.

Our CRM is not just built on the foundation of the existing softwares in the market. It comes equipped with multiple features that make it more dependable. Offering 360 degree service into every facet of customer relationship management O-Desk is powered by the latest AI-technology making it one of the best options for any business to deploy.

While we offer Cloud hosting, O-Desk is available for on-premise hosting as well. On-Cloud O-Desk can be accessed easily through our dedicated server and from your own server if deployed as well. This option allows you to access the system from anywhere. The On-Premise O-Desk can be accessed only through a VPN ensuring complete security to the data that is stored. This is an ideal option for small to medium sized enterprises.

O-Desk comes with the advantage of 3 integrated modules that gives a complete solution to your customer management needs. It is a multi-tiered integration of marketing, Sales and support force automation. This gives you a complete control of the data and its management to give the best service that is possible.

There is no specific timeline for the period it would take to integrate O-Desk to an enterprise. It will depend on the resources and the various verticals that you would want to integrate the system to. A more elaborate set up with multi-tiered integration may take several weeks to months to implement correctly depending on the amount of data that needs to imported along with the required customizations.

O-Desk helps by streamlining the entire marketing activities enhancing the control over the sales data for the entire sales force. It helps to analyze the data and give the needed support in every phase of the process starting from identifying a lead to closing an order.

O-Desk offers a customizable platform allowing integration to any system irrespective of the size or span. This helps in centralizing the entire sales management system enhancing the control and the output. The unified database allows every team to access the data as and when required for their need to derive any information.

O-Desk prioritizes data security and combines enterprise-class security features with comprehensive audits of our systems, applications, and networks to guarantee customer and business data is consistently protected. We assure you that our application is constantly updated with the latest security patches.

Data Analytics is an integral part of O-Desk. This feature enables a predictive data analysis giving an insight to the sales, marketing and customer trends. It can also be integrated with third party analytic tools that can enhance the reports that it generates.

O-Desk comes with an integrated payment gateway system. However it can be effectively integrated to multiple third party payment gateways as well.