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CC – Carbon Copy whereas BCC – Blind Carbon Copy.

The security level of your E-mail will depend on the email service provider used by you. Some providers, like Proton mail, use end-to-end encryption which means only you and the recipient can read the contents of an email.

Change your password. It shouldn’t be something that is easy to guess or remember and it should not be used for other emails as well. You should have a separate and authentic password.

POP3 and IMAP both are incoming email protocols. In POP3, an email gets downloaded from a mail server to a device and the same mail is deleted from the server. Here there is only one copy of the mail available on the device.

E-mail addresses are not case sensitive. Irrespective of how you type the mail gets delivered to the receiver.

Yes, emails can be blocked.

The main reason why emails go to spam is because the message may contain a number of links or there must a number of receivers in the BCC section.

Some providers usually include the IP address of the sender whereas some email providers like Gmail would only show the Google IP address.

It depends on the type of email protocol used by the provider. If it’s an IMAP protocol, the emails are stored in the online cloud server. If it’s a POP 3 protocol, the email is stored in the device itself.

No, email addresses can’t have spaces.

Some email providers have the facility where a particular mail can be expired after a particular period of time.

There are many reasons why this could happen but some are that you’ve included attachments that are too large; you have an antivirus program which is scanning the outgoing emails. Or the receiver of your email must be offline.

Yes, all emails take up space according to the size of the contents and attachments of the mail.

Some email providers have it available, others do not. Gmail by Google does not have read receipt for personal users whereas the option is made available for business users.

Again, it depends on your email provider. Some email providers have an option to set the time for unsending a mail.

IMAP is Internet Message Access Protocol; It is necessary for the users to send and receive emails from the local server.

Photos and attachments differ in size. Email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Rediff mail limit the size of email messages you can send. There are ways to decrease the size of the files and attachments to be sent in the email. You can follow the same steps and have the desired size be sent in the email.

A delivery receipt lets you know when an email message is delivered to the recipient’s mailbox.

Flagging emails helps you to keep a track on the responses to emails sent by you. You can also have a reminder alert for the same.

Go to “Tools” section, click on Options, go to “Other” Tab and click on empty the deleted items in the section. When an email is deleted, it ends up in the deleted items folder which is similar to your trash in Eudora.

Select an email address and right click on it. There will be an option to add that particular email address in the address book. Click on the add and the address book is created.

In the edit column, click on the current view and select customize current view. In the options select the number of mails in the mailboxes and the same is reflected in the final view.

The Library will be converted this spring. The Meeting Maker system will then be shut down and that Monday you will begin using calendaring in O-Mail.

The recommendation is 5000 messages per folder.

You can delete one message or many messages. Select the message you want to delete and click on delete, they are then deleted.

Click the New Button, go to the Distribution List and Select New Member and click on Search in Contact.

Click on Options, go to Mail Format and click on Signature or Click the signature icon when composing the message.
Type the signature name
Type in the signature content
Click on the Default Signature for New messages and Replies/Forwards

Go to Tools, click on Options, check on Spelling Tab and then check “Always check spelling before sending”.

Select New Folder. Name the Folder and click OK. Ctrl + Click lets you select multiple messages that aren’t necessarily next to each other and Shift + Click lets you select a series of messages.

Open the message. Press F4 to bring up the search dialog box or Click on Find Enter your search criteria.”