Key Features of O-Peer

The features of O-Peer help in seamless communication, which is highly useful for increased productivity and output at a workplace. Office communication should be easy and be done in an instant. The highly engineered features of O-Peer help in easy interaction at the workplace.

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O-Peer is an instant messaging platform for offices and organizations. The platform enables you to reach out to your colleagues in an instant. It is almost like texting where you can send and receive messages quickly.

Anyone with an e-mail address can be added to O-Peer. If you want to add users, click on Add and type the email address on the person you want to add to the list. The contact is added to O-Peer.

As an admin of a specific group, one can set who can send messages in the group. Usually, every member of the group can send a message by default. As the admin, one can select who can send messages in a group within the settings of the group.

You can send images, videos, audios and documents via O-Peer platform.

Click on the add sections in the message center and add the file you want to share.

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