Know more about O-Peer

A live teamwork communication tool in an office environment can go a long way in streamlining the flow of information within a permissible group of people. It allows instant messaging with the added advantage of presence information. Additionally, ONPASSIVE offers O-Peer, a tool built specifically to enable in-office communication with messages apart from sharing and storing files.

The O-Peer project management tool has multiple features that allow easy collaboration irrespective of location. It offers a highly secure platform for businesses to discuss their proprietary information without worrying about third-party involvement. With a personalized dashboard, the user can keep track of teams, projects, and high-quality screen-share and generate reports whenever needed.

The O-Peer allows you to manage offices from anywhere, be it in the office, at home, or elsewhere. So, your office is accessible to you anytime from anywhere.

Make Work Communications Effortless

A smooth flow of internal office communications is of utmost importance. Any disruption in the communication system can impair the proper functioning and cost the company massive capital. O-Peer is an intricately built internal communication software designed to give you comprehensive control over the flow of information at your workspace.

O-Peer best task management software is highly secure and gives you access to multiple features making it easy to have an impeccable flow of information. So, whether you are in the office or away, you can stay connected with your team any time of the day or night.

O-Peer connects you to every vertical of your company on a single platform. You can raise tickets and keep track, share files, create groups, have announcements, and so much more. While allowing you to stay visible online or remain offline, O-Peer gives you a presence notification to know who is available online.

Key Features of O-Peer

The features of O-Peer help in seamless communication, which is highly useful for increased productivity and output at a workplace. Office communication should be accessible and be done in an instant. The highly engineered features of O-Peer help in easy interaction at the workplace.

Secure communication platform

Instant Messaging

Send messages, share and store files

Easy collaboration

Personalized dashboard

No third-party involvement

FAQ Looking For Something Else?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

O-Peer is an instant messaging platform for offices and organizations. The platform enables you to reach out to your colleagues in an instant. It is almost like texting, where you can send and receive messages quickly.

Anyone with an email address can be added to O-Peer. If you want to add users, click on Add and type the email address of the person you want to add to the list. The contact is added to O-Peer.

As an admin of a specific group, one can set who can send messages. Usually, every member of the group can send a message by default. As the admin, one can select who can send messages in a group within the group’s settings.

You can send images, videos, audio, and documents via the O-Peer platform.

Click on the additional sections in the message center and add the file you want to share.