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O-Post is an affordable, feature-rich, intuitive Business Email Marketing software for new-age marketers and entrepreneurs. The tool exclusively focuses on simplicity, excellent customer support, and delightful email designs. O-Post furnishes unlimited email sends with every plan, 24/7 live support, incredible automation capabilities, and accurate email deliverability.

Built on the next-generation customer commitment and engagement platform, O-Post prides itself on empowering marketers with one of the simplest UIs in the business. The intuitive interface makes rundown and content creation simple, so you send the most relevant content continually. You can continuously monitor the effectiveness of your email marketing with baked-in analytics allowing you to improve the open and click-through rates.

The O-Post platform combines a robust suite of services within a solitary, user-friendly solution. O-Post allows you to customize every aspect of the email campaign, including designing creative email templates with rich text formatting and sending them with a click. Our world-class customer happiness group powers O-Post, and we offer pricing plans ensured to make you smile.

Engage, Nurture, and Convert

Email marketing is one of the most effective lead-generation and conversion methods. Making it easy for your Business, ONPASSIVE brings you O-Post, a web-based email marketing software. Allowing you to send your marketing emails in bulk in simple steps, O-Post simplifies the execution of your campaigns.

O-Post is a highly secure mailing software that ensures your emails are not categorized as spam. Directing every mailer to the recipient’s inbox, this Business email marketing software helps you to spam-test your emails before sending them.

With a pool of responsive templates, O-Post gives you the advantage of a secure connection each time. Its easy integration and world-class support system provide the best experience to every marketer in building their customer base effortlessly.

Engage your contacts with compelling themes and messages in your emails with O-Post’s in-built features. Enhance the presentation of your brand with effective campaigns that nurture your connections and assure their conversion.

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Reach out to your customer base at a go with a tool that is highly secure and integrated with the best features to enhance every experience. O-Post offers you an intelligent way to fulfil all your E-mail Marketing needs.


E-mail message automation


Adding and removing email subscribers


Easy Integration


Dedicated IP Address


Mobile and Desktop responsive templates


Built-in design and spam testing


Reasonable sending limits and unlimited options


World class support


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When a customer logs in to the O-Post portal page and creates his profile, he gets directed to the Import Contacts page, where he can import his contacts in two ways, either by contacts importing or by copy-pasting contacts.

After adding the contacts, the admin can move them into different categories labeling them with the desired name, helping to differentiate the users based on their subscription status.

Subject lines should be striking to instigate the recipient to open the email. It is the first thing that your subscribers notice. It is your gateway to further communication. So, make it meaningful, personalized, short and have a message that matters to the audience. You have only 3-4 seconds to make an impact that can open an email. You can ask questions or create urgency by stating a deadline for an offer.

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