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When a customer logs in to the O-Post portal page and creates his profile, he gets directed to the Import Contacts page, here he can import his contacts in two ways either by contacts importing or by copy paste contacts.

The admin, after adding the contacts can move them into different categories labelling them with a desired name helping to differentiate the users based on their subscription status.

Subject lines should be striking so as to instigate the recipient to open the email. It is the first thing that your subscribers notice. It is your gateway to further communication. So, make it meaningful, personalized, short and have a message that matters to the audience. You have only 3-4 seconds to make an impact that can result in opening an email. You can ask questions or create urgency by stating a deadline for an offer.

Use attractive images, urging call to actions and animated gifs that piques attention. Try to reduce the use of too many font types, colors, and sizes. Space the text well creating a well presented message with content and aesthetics as well. Depending on the context of your emails it is great to use bold colors.

It is best make the email template responsive, so that it looks good across all devices. Designing an attractive email includes minute details for the content and an eye for creativity for the effect. But lets not overdo anything.

Every brand considers different metrics as per their product or service type and based on who they are targeting—you have to identify which is the best indicator of success for your particular campaign based on your unique goal. The most important thing is to analyze a series of consistent metrics. Targeting a single metric is not the right way as it may lead to a lopsided campaign method. Look at the overall objective of the campaign and identify the keypoints to improve on every metrics required to have a 360 degree impact.

The Quality Check or the QA is the most vital aspect of any email campaign. You are sure to have your objective clear but if the content has not been checked and sent off without a final look you may not be able to get it back to correct any errors. Remember that the emails are going out in bulk. A single error that you make in the content or context of your mail will be amplified multiple times. Ensure that a check is always done before you press the send button.

There are various ways to do email marketing. You need to identify which will suit your objective better. Some common types of newsletter content that you can send include: thank you emails, announcements, blog posts, company news, industry news, sales pitches, seminar and webinar invitations.

But you need to understand that you cannot just start off with a campaign without considering the impacts. You need to plan well such that every email will showcase your business in a positive light.

It does not really matter whether it is a long or a short email. What matters is how you present it and what is the context of the email. But of course no one reads a long email filled with a whole lot of text. You need to present it well with to the point objectives and proper taglines to drive the idea.

By far the best way to have a good open rate is to have a clean list. Do your prospects know, like and trust you? Are they expecting to hear from you? Are you setting the right expectations when they sign up? After that, it comes down to testing. Have a good subject line and body copy that conveys the objective right.

One of the most popular ways to grow your database organically is asking people to fill up a form with email address to get access to read a content or visit a website. If the context of the content in offer is good enough you are sure to get the lead by active participation of the visitor to fill the form with his contact details. You would need to know how to pique the interest of a visitor with the right presentation.

Everyone sets their spam filters differently, so it’s difficult to give this question one simple answer. However, some top tips for avoiding spam include:

  • Don’t include too many exclamation marks – this looks like spam to humans and computers
  • Avoid words like ‘free’ and ‘urgent’ in the subject – intelligent filters might mark this as spam
  • Send your emails sparingly – sending one every day will quickly flag you up as spam.

You will know who your target audience is and what type of demography they belong to and whether or not reaching out by a digital media will be effective. But needless to say that this is a digital age and everyone has a digital presence. Hence email marketing does fit in for almost all product types.

Email marketing has the added advantage that you can use various tools to measure the effectiveness of the campaign easily. There are various tools that enhance the tracking and allows you to have a close tab of how the campaign is impacting your sales or traffic. There are various tools as well that allows you to keep a track of every response that you have had.