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Secure your network, anywhere!


Know more about O-Virtual

O-Virtual is a Virtual Private Network that encrypts and transmits data from various locations. If you wish to secure your network, the tool crawls your traffic through a secured encrypted tunnel, disabling any tracking.

Get access to the vital data which may be restricted or not made available in your country. Our most secure VPN allows you to access information from anywhere in the world. If you are a globetrotter, turn on your browser VPN to have safe and secured access to the internet from anywhere in the world. Explore borderless internet to broaden your knowledge pursuits with no hassles.

The O-Virtual tool allows high-definition high-quality streaming by allowing access to high-quality internet. Our competent and speed VPN analyses the quality of the connection and avoids allowing high-risk connections that are vulnerable to hacking. In addition, O-Virtual will enable you to extend your VPN to all your devices and all the operating systems in just a few clicks.

Secure your Online Presence

Data Protection and Security are now made simple and easy with O-Virtual. Secure your internet connection and online privacy. The AI-powered VPN tool creates an encrypted tunnel for all your information and data to be safe from all kinds of thefts and attacks.

You can now protect your online identity by hiding your IP address and connecting to any public Wi-Fi hotspots without any worry with O-Virtual, the most secure VPN. Disguise your exact geographical location, avoid government tracking and surveillance, and access blocked content anywhere in the world with O-Virtual.

Make O-Virtual your best friend today and stop worrying about anybody trying to steal your data. Instead, browse with a secure internet connection and get complete privacy with extra security. This best VPN allows you to avoid high-risk internet connections prone to any virus or malware attacks, keeping your account and data secured.

Key Features of O-Virtual

Secure your data with the most reliable VPN tool. The features of O-Virtual help you to get the privacy and anonymity you need to secure your access to public network connections from anywhere.


Disables Tracking


Access information from anywhere


High-Definition streaming


Avoids high risk connections


Allows extension of VPN across various devices


Analysis of internet quality

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We can’t change your email address once you register with it. If you registered with an off-base email, register again with the correct email address.

You can permit O-Virtual VPN in incognito as follows:

  • Enable “Allow in incognito.”
  • Open extension page

Utilizing two VPN services can cause unexpected conduct. If you’d prefer to use two VPN services, quit one of them while using the other.

To reset your password, go to forgot password and follow the instructions.

We like to use WiFi! We may use minimal cellular data, and we won’t use it while roaming.