Refund Policy

  • Founder/customer/member shall be eligible for a refund if they do not infringe the terms of use after his/her successful registration.
  • If a Founder/customer/ member is found guilty for violating the terms of use, ONPASSIVE will scrutinize the fact/case and post completion of the compliance part, if the member is adhering to the norms as stated by ONPASSIVE then only the refund will be processed.
  • Founder/customer/ member who wish apply for refund shall contact to our customer support through their authorised email address
  • Only Active Founder/Customer shall be entitled to request, and eligible to receive, a full refund within the 30 (Thirty) days from the date of the registration of the account for which a refund is being requested.
  • Once the refund process is initiated, the founder/customer/ member shall not be a part of ONPASSIVE and his/her ownership will be forfeited with immediate effect.
  • The mode of refund will totally depend upon the founder/ customer/ member details which has been provided to us at the time registration henceforth we will process the refund through only the original transaction mode which is available with us in our data base.(No OTHER Accounts/ cards/ wallet or other electronic transactions details of the founder shall entertained )