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ONPASSIVE is a fully focussed AI Business Development Firm.

  • Benefit on AI and Machine Learning Tools
  • Automate your Business Process
  • Unlock New Possibilities
  • Boost Productivity
  • Achieve Higher Levels of Expertise
  • Stay Ahead of Your Competition


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What we have in store for you?

We drive traffic to your business and convert them into potential prospects that aid in the growth of your brand. With an automated testing tool from ONPASSIVE, you'll be able to run automated end-to-end tests to enhance test coverage, reduce time and costs. Access world-class machine learning and AI tools, embedded with state-of-the-art computer vision for your domains to build frictionless customer experience.

Why Us

Our Principals For The Hosting Services

I thank my friend who opened my eyes and encouraged me to enter the door of success. I did not hesitate a moment and I joined by activating my account when I registered. I really appreciate Mr Ash Mufareh and his team, I am so happy to be a founding member of ONPASSIVE. With ONPASSIVE we have no limits.
Hamid Kountchib
I think I would be able to smile and look into the mirror and say to myself 'Life is about to get so much better!'
Thank you Ash! Thank you Team! You are indeed beautiful beings! Congratulations and thank you all Early Bird Founders.. 'We are in it, to win!'?
Kum Weng Chong
Thank you, Ash, for what you are doing. Just to imagine, an estimated 800 million global workers will lose their jobs due to AI. It is a shocking statistics but to think of ONPASSIVE is the solution for people that would be made redundant is a blessing and it really will shake up the internet.
David Ogunleye