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Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ONPASSIVE offers an end-to-end platform that democratizes AI, enabling every employee and customer with
modern AI technology and easy-to-use apps.

Everything you need to succeed
with AI

ONPASSIVE is building several exciting products featuring Artificial intelligence. Our research laboratory engineers and data scientists are working on developing solutions that help businesses work more effectively. ONPASSIVE’s products are built with core technology and innovation that assists in multi-level automation, enabling unparalleled digital transformation.


A community of researchers and innovators

We were established on the conviction that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are groundbreaking and transformative technologies that will make the next quantum gain in organizations’ customer experience and unit economics. ONPASSIVE assists clients find and capture concealed value from data through a unique blend of business acumen, big data, and machine learning.

Every business needs Artificial Intelligence

But not every organization has the capability to fabricate, keep up, and generate value from AI  in-house. ONPASSIVE makes AI  accessible to all businesses, not merely the largest enterprises. By harnessing and tackling the power of your data to assist – not displace – humans at work, we improve business effectiveness, profitability, and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence


Zero in on Customer Behavior



Designing human-robot collaborations



Automated analysis of retinal imaging



AI To Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution



Looking at AI-focused



Using AI in a medical training game

Grow revenues and profits

ONPASSIVE’s products are built with core technology and innovation keeping in mind the functionalities that can redefine how a business operates, grows, and accelerates its path to success.

ONPASSIVE’s AI System fuels competitive advantage. It adds an intelligence layer to existing frameworks and enables deep insights to make predictive analysis, enhancing the effectiveness of every business strategy.

With our AI applications, organizations have better service responses, less downtime, efficient employee management, streamlined work-flow and simplified manufacturing process. 


Tackling the obstacles with solutions that persists

Artificial intelligence transforms how we collaborate with machines to make progress and breakthroughs reliable, and every target achievable.


Join us to build the next big tech

ONPASSIVE’s AI research lab has modeled its solutions to change the modus operandi of various SAAS products. The current solutions have only created a stagnant disruption impacting the existing technologies quietly. We were exploring every option and chose not to leave any stone unturned. If you think you have a similar interest, we will be pleased to have you on board. The tech wizards at ONPASSIVE will get back to you with the possible collaboration to assist you.

  •  ONPASSIVE aligns simulated AI with your overall business methodology, supporting you to focus on using a case, to begin with.
  • ONPASSIVE’s AI System integrates with your current business frameworks, so there’s no need to rip and replace.
  • AI solutions are configured and designed to address your issues, with each one focused on optimizing explicit business functions.
  • ONPASSIVE ingests, unifies, and transforms your data to deliver quick outcomes within a short time to add value.
  • We are delivering real business results with a scope of solutions across the value chain, embedding data-driven decision-making into every aspect of your business.

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Whatever your business nature, ordinary or difficult, we will be happy to serve you. Tell us your business plan and get assistance from our experts in AI services.



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