Unleash The Power Of
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ONPASSIVE offers an end-to-end platform that democratizes AI, enabling every employee and customer with modern AI technology and easy-to-use apps.


Deploy Models In Any Environment And Enable Drift Detection, Custom Alarms, Automatic Retraining, And Real-Time Monitoring.


ONPASSIVE Empowers Quick Advancement Of AI Applications Through An Open-Source, Light-Weight Python Development Framework.


An Industry-Leading Toolkit Of Explainable And Capable AI Strategies To Combat Bias And Increase Transparency Into ML Models.

Simplify Complex Risks With
Self-Learning Algorithms

Reimagine Algorithm For All

Empower And Engage Your Data Science Platform By Collaborating Most Effectively With Data Architects And Business Team To Build And Ceaselessly Improve Machine Learning Models With Appropriate Governance Set Up In Place.

We Have Ample Experience And Involvement In Standard Professional Services

ONPASSIVE Endeavours To Attract The Best Worldwide Ability Focused On Research Brilliance In Deep Learning And Machine Learning.

Developing Solutions That
Evolve With Challenges

Every product that is built and envisioned depends on simplifying and bettering every task that we do now. As the science of Machine Learning develops further, our products will evolve and develop offering better highlights.

Improving Business Analytics

Best in class solutions

Customized AI solutions

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