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Engage and Empower Enterprises at any level of ML adoption maturity


Supervised learning

The principal task of Supervised Learning is to deep dive into the labelled training data.


Unsupervised learning

To depict the concealed structure without delving into the labelled training data.


Reinforcement Learning

A robot, a PC program, which associates with a dynamic environment to accomplish a specific goal.

Simplify complex risks with self-learning algorithms


Reimagine Algorithm for All

Empower and Engage your data science platform by collaborating most effectively with data architects and business team to build and ceaselessly improve machine learning models with appropriate governance set up in place.


We Have Ample Experience and Involvement in Standard Professional Services

ONPASSIVE endeavours to attract the best worldwide ability focused on research brilliance in deep learning and machine learning. Our ML experts and analysts are a dynamic network of imaginative issue solvers, working across disciplines on both interests driven and associated research.


Developing solutions that
evolve with challenges

Every product that is built and envisioned depends on simplifying and bettering every task that we do now. As the science of Machine Learning develops further, our products will evolve and develop offering better highlights.

  • Improving Business Analytics
  • Customized AI solutions
  • Best in class solutions

Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution

ONPASSIVE uses cohesive and robust technology in building its products. Its deep learning algorithms guarantee that every task you do today will enhance your machine tomorrow’s efficiency and productivity. Deep data analytics improves logical response system creating sentient machines that redefine the relationship we have with them.

Redefining Every Aspect of Work and Life with ML

ONPASSIVE aims to introduce products that are enabled by Unsupervised learning. It results in building a whole new league of applications that performs with minimum human intervention. We are moving on to a new era of technology, and ONPASSIVE intends to lead this move with a technology that reshapes the entire ecosystem of Intelligent Sentient Machines.

We are with you throughout your Machine Learning Journey

We are here to truly “democratize AI”. Machine learning organizations today have been focused on assisting with building AI models, yet to truly democratize Artificial Intelligence and make it ready and accessible to everyone, organizations should be prepared to also ‘manage’ AI, not only build it. The AI talent gap is real, and we will help address it by reducing the reliance of expert engineers in managing AI frameworks.

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Whatever your business nature, ordinary or difficult,we will be happy to serve you. Tell us your business plan and get assistance from our experts in AI services.


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