Delving Deep Into The Unchartered Technology Territories And
Redefining Every Vertical With AI

  • AI-powered Ecosystem
  • Streamlining enterprise infrastructure
  • Trusted by over 1 Million brand ambassadors
  • Leading global innovation
  • Across 190+ countries
  • ONPASSIVE is an AI Technology Company that builds fully autonomous SaaS products for our global customer base using the latest AI software technologies. ONPASSIVE AI company brings a competitive advantage, innovation, and fresh perspectives to business and technology challenges. We are here to accelerate innovation and transform businesses from strategy to design, implementation, and management.

    Our wide range of AI products and solutions aims to transform global enterprises digitally. ONPASSIVE’s Product Innovation and Digital Transformation Strategies allow reinventing business models to help our customers achieve better operational efficiency and client experience.

    We enable the total value of game-changing Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions that are easy to use, adapt, and scale, making our clients successful in a fully connected world. We strive to help our clients build stronger customer relationships, drive sales, identify new opportunities, and analyze marketing results to enhance their businesses.

    ONPASSIVE AI-based Startup is the only Total Internet Solutions (TIS) company with a complete ecosystem of AI-driven applications and tools. Tagged as the first-ever robust Smart Business Solution (SBS), ONPASSIVE is the one-stop solution for all your innovative and technological necessities.

    With ONPASSIVE strategic IT consulting services, you get a viable business powered by an efficient toolset that sets on autopilot, fueled with an infinite and unlimited amount of traffic to your business. The solutions we emphasize and work towards automating a wide assortment of tasks to augment the profitability of your business.

    The organization likewise focuses on actualizing and implementing Advanced Artificial Intelligence technology offerings and IT development services that can adapt to varied sizes of firms. Similarly, small and medium enterprises are the ones that will be profited from our solutions by empowering them with modern technology to avert any competition from large, global corporations.

    Discover And Plan

    Business owners and entrepreneurs can access real-time, data-processed recommendations and activities with our AI tech products, tools, and applications. Our contributions can stand against the dynamic technological progressions of the current times. New incremental updates are moved to the cloud, which helps you get the most advanced and sophisticated technology to operate your enterprise.


    Create with expertise

    Our goal is to incubate, innovate, develop and launch AI-based technology products that support every enterprise’s innovation race. To realize this goal, we are building an entire suite of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Technology products that can be adopted rapidly and affordably.


    Design to impress

    The top talent pool of ONPASSIVE brims with years of technical experience and prowess. Our team of top developers aids in delivering outstanding enterprise solutions that surpass the business standards and transform conventional businesses into a total Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology-enabled, Digital-based firm where technology triumphs over manual tasks.


    Launch to rule

    Your goal is what ONPASSIVE aims to satisfy and fulfill, thus, ensuring your success. When you understand that our goal is to give your dream to you, you will realize how extraordinary ONPASSIVE is. ONPASSIVE is entirely safe to build your business.