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Future driven company ONPASSIVE, hosted a webinar on 26th March 2020. It’s a platform where our founders and CEO discussed how to help humanity with excellent business solutions. They also discussed how to unlock more possibilities for many businesses to build their future and succeed.

The second Webinar has hosted on 1st September 2020. Our founders participated in making the revenue generation process simplified. Many of our founders members were elated for being a part of the GoFounders community and spoke how the company has changed their life.

Third successful Webinar based on our achievements has hosted on 15th September 2020. Here, eminent speakers and a great leader Mr. ASH Mufareh gathered to celebrate the happy moment for having an opportunity to change their lives and to drive success with the latest AI tech trends.

The Webinar hosted on 22nd September 2020, founders shared their past insights and experiences with OnPassive. Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic. Almost every individual is talking about it, but only a small group of early adopters has started implementing suitable projects.

This Webinar hosted on 29th September 2020 is about AI-based product models which can be deployed quickly in real-time and in-stream applications at a click of a button. In this Webinar we discussed the AI opportunities created by ONPASSIVE. You can unlock when deploying AI technology and touch on some practical considerations when starting your AI journey.

This Webinar hosted on 6th October 2020 provides you with real-world AI instances in movement, dispelling the myths and focusing solely on the value it can drive. Also, about organizations across a spectrum of industries utilizing the latest capability that technology provides in Artificial Intelligence.