Simplifying the complexities of your business needs with AI Services

Make learning a journey to self-discovery

Let distance and age not be a limitation to your learning or teaching. Reinvent yourself with the best e-Learning Platform to learn and earn. At O-Cademy, we provide the tools and skills to teach and learn what you love. Our vision is to construct the World's most extensive educational repository.

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A revolutionary Social Networking platform

Helps you connect with your friends and family and discover new ones. O-Net has reliably evolved with advanced AI technology to fit its users' requirements and attract new ones. Step up your social network with a flawless platform that offers you customizable features to enhance every experience.

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Step forward for a good cause

Create thoughtful and effective campaigns for causes that matter. O-Bless is a philanthropic platform that helps you connect causes that matter to you with the right people to support and realize it.

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Improve your reach to the right audience with an ideal IP tracker

Enhance your marketing and secure your site with a multi-featured tracking tool O-Tracker is fast, free and accurate way to find the IP address location. The tool has intuitive dashboard that offers valuable insights to the user. There are several added advantages to the product and they are listed below

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Transform the way you do business with World’s leading brands

Create an environment and opportunities to nurture your interests and passion. We provide you with top-quality customized printed products at affordable prices and niche quality.

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Automate your organization’s
administrative & recruitment process

Redefine the way you manage your resources with an intricately built AI-powered next-gen tool. Bringing a new edge to managing your resources, O-Staff introduces the new way of automating management. Know about the multiple features that our AI-enabled HRMS tool, O-Staff comes with

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Announce your campaigns and notifications at a go

Get a one-step solution to reaching out to your customers with Bulk emails. Reach out to your customer base at a go with a tool that is highly secure and integrated with the best features to enhance every experience. O-Post offers you a smart way to fulfill all your E-mail Marketing needs.

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Capture images and polish your video content

A tool to customize and enhance your visual content.Improvise your videos and images with our exhaustive features. Add a voice over or include a background music to your video. Trim a portion of your video or record one for unlimited amount of time. Use O-Capture to realize the true potential of your visual communication.

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Intuitive and scalable CRM application

Generate leads, close deals and grow your business Regardless of the size of the business, the software helps your track your company’s activities and manage new customers. The tool has several additional features when compared to the basic tools in the market. Listed below are some

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An AI-powered digital mobile wallet application

Give every transaction the security that you deserve with a digital wallet that specially caters to your need with ONPASSIVE

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Build a website that works for you

O-Create is an AI powered website builder that makes creating and developing a website you want easy. A proprietary tool that gives you the ease of building a website with the features that you want. Integrated with the latest AI- technology O-Create customizes your homepage as per your customer segment.

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Organizational Communication in a hassle-free manner.

O-Mail, an AI-powered email service comes with multiple features that enhance the ease with which you send and receive mails and manage your contacts. It is a convenient and a user-friendly solution to all your e-mailing needs.

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A conversational agent for your business

An easy-to-deploy sales and service agent O-Chat is designed to cater to your customer’s needs and issues. The smart chat bot analyzes the customer’s urgency and makes necessary escalations. Listed below are some of its additional key features.

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Automating accounting to ease your inventory management

Get access to the most reliable AV Conferencing platform engineered to perfection with the best AI Business tools. Bring in an unsurpassable ease and quality to every online meeting you have. With a platform that is AI-enabled and steeped with the latest features, O-Connect gives every online interaction a new experience.

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The tool for Communication at your Workstation

Internal Communication tool to improve performance for businesses. The features of O-Peer help in seamless communication which is highly useful for increased productivity and output at a workplace. Office communication should be easy and be done in an instant. The highly engineered features of O-Peer help in easy interaction at the workplace.

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Automating accounting to ease your inventory management

Optimize how you keep your accounts records and manage every aspect of your business with the AI-powered O-Counting tool. O-Counting gives you that unparalleled ease and efficiency that you deserve with all your accounting needs. Spanning from inventory management, recording receivables, payables, monitoring expenses and so much more, O-Ccounting redefines every accounting aspect for you.

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Secure your network, anywhere!

The VPN for encryption of data and network accounts. Secure your data with the most reliable VPN tool. The features of O-Virtual help you to get the privacy and anonymity you need to secure your access to public network connection from anywhere.

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Size matters!

Say more than just giving a link to your post! Make every message meaningful. Present every post and message with a link to your page that is prim and adds to the value of your brand. O-Trim comes with multiple features that does so much more than just shortening a URL link.

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Capture, Edit and Create!

An AI based editing tool to transform images and videos into beautiful imagery. Say more than what the texts say. Create compelling and unique messages with O-Dit’s multiple features to help your brand stand-out.

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Domain registration and Web hosting platform

Give your brand the identity that will give it the lead it needs to excel. A cloud storage facility that helps you register and store all your web information on the secured storage facility. We are trusted partners of your business that offers you wide range of domain name endings for your website. Some of our key-features

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A reliable B2B and B2C marketplace platform for all your e-commerce needs

Makes online buying more convenient and effective, giving you time to focus on moving your business forward.

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Make the switch to O-Commerce - Enter New Possibilities

Innovation from offline to online stores is fundamentally driven by digital transformation. With O-Commerce dive into the world of online shopping where every small and medium-sized businesses can setup their online store with a single click.

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O-Hire, a true companion for the career-building

>O-Hire is an incredible recruitment platform connecting employers from diverse fields with jobseekers. Powered with advanced AI, O-Hire is a step ahead of existing recruitment platforms and possesses the capability of enhancing user experience right after they log in to the portal.

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