Key Features of O-Bless

O-Bless is a philanthropic platform that helps you connect causes that matter to you with the right people to support and realize them.

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O-Bless empowers people to unite around the ideas that matter to them, and together make those ideas come to life. The Crowd-funding generates exciting opportunities for backers and entrepreneurs.

If the campaign has reached the fund amount then that particular campaign will show as successfully funded.

If you select the project then it will navigate to the project detail page. In the project detail page, you will get all the information regarding the project

  • For-profit campaigns
  • Campaigns benefitting nonprofit organizations or nonprofit beneficiaries
  • Campaigns for products
  • Anything within the “Community Projects”, that is not a personal cause
  • Educational campaigns in the Tech and Innovation category

For Crowd funding Campaigns, if the tracking information that you provide to us proves that the Guaranteed Delivery Perk was delivered, the backer will not receive a refund

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