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Automate your organization’s administrative & recruitment process


Know More about O-Staff

O-Staff is a personalized and fully scalable top HRMS software portal developed to provide relevant and cost-effective HR solutions. It aims to change the HR departments working dynamics in all shapes and sizes of industries to leverage efficiency and effectiveness.

O-Staff is the best Human Resource Management Information System that provides the feasibility of a single platform. It is a web-based HR Management System with a range of functions that maintain all the employee-related information in the organization. With O-Staff, you can manage every employee profile, leave tracking, reporting, and analysis, tracking employee performance, integration with payroll, employee benefits administration, training required or provided to the employee, and personal information as needed.

O-Staff includes personal greetings like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, work anniversaries, employee onboarding, promotions, and appraisals, which lets you establish a fantastic connection with your employees.

Better HRMS, Better Workforce

As your organization grows, the necessities of its employees will grow with it. Manual procedures typically used in modest organizations don’t scale very well as the employee strength develops. It prompts inefficiencies in the framework that can have adverse effects on the functioning of your business.

O-Staff is a modern, new-age, enterprise-ready HRMS suite that empowers enterprises to automate their day-to-day HR processes. It improves and simplifies human interactions, delivers significant insights to build better working environments, and accomplishes essential HR goals quickly and effectively.

Outfit your business with our incredible HRMS tool to accomplish peaking levels of individual performance. O-Staff HR Management Software aligns human capital with organization goals. Directly from acquiring the expertise in managing end-to-end HR operations. O-Staff is the Payroll Management System that empowers your business to harness the power of human energy. Reinvent your business with the Best Human Resource Management System.

Key Features of O-Staff

O-Staff introduces a new way of automating management by bringing a new edge to managing your resources. Know about the multiple features that our AI-enabled HRMS tool, O-Staff, comes with.


Time and attendance management


Recruiting and hiring


Leave management


Payroll management


Employee Onboarding



Looking for Something Else ?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

Go to Home Page, choose the Employee Self services option, and click on that. Then, redirect to the Employee profile page; you can view the page and edit your profile there.

Go to Home Page, choose the Employee Self services option, and click on that. Then, redirect to the Employee profile page; you can view the page and edit your profile there.

On Home page in the payroll option you will see the Employee benefits Administration option

On Home Page, click on the Leave management option to view the Leave planning calendar.

Click on the Leave Management Page after the drop-down to access Absence summary details.