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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the most requested sources for information.

Here are some of the most requested sources for information.

OBLESS empowers people to unite for causes that matter to them and together bring about a change in the world.Crowd-funding generates exciting opportunities for backers and entrepreneurs.

If the campaign has reached the fund amount, then that particular campaign will show as successfully funded.

If a campaign has reached its goal, then the campaign dashboard will be updated with the latest details.

If you select the project, it will navigate to the project detail page. On the project detail page, you will get all the information regarding the project

You can select the campaign and be navigated to the details page which will contain information about the campaign.

  • For-profit campaigns
  • Campaigns benefiting nonprofit organizations or nonprofit beneficiaries
  • Campaigns for products
  • Anything within the “Community Projects” that is not a personal cause
  • Educational campaigns  falling under the Tech and Innovation category

For Crowdfunding Campaigns, if the tracking information you share with us proves that the Guaranteed Delivery Perk has been delivered, the backer will not receive a refund.

You can edit most of the information you share with us, except in cases where it relates to a legally mandatory, such as for regulatory compliance.You can view your information by putting in a request through this link, or, you can access the required information by logging into your account.

Please visit your account settings to unsubscribe or change your marketing emails and newsletters preferences.

Please refer to our Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions on the OBLESS website.

While opening our website for the first time, you will be provided with options and be able to change your cookies as per your preferences. Some of the cookies will be marked ‘necessary’ and you cannot opt out of accepting them as they are critical for the website to load and function.

To delete your account on your own, you can go through our article Managing Your OBLESS Account. If you put in a request to delete, restrict or not share information, this will inhibit your interaction with our site. If you choose to have any subsequent interaction after deletion of your account, you will need to submit a request for action on your data.

If you are a Campaign Owner, you may have backers that fall under various privacy laws, and you may be required to take action based on where your backers are based. Consider consulting with a lawyer for guidance on how these new rules could directly affect you, as OBLESS cannot provide legal advice on compliance. For more information, see our Terms of Use for campaign owner obligations.

You can promote your campaign, increase visibility by creating and posting engaging content on OBLESS. The higher your campaign visibility, the sooner you will be able to meet your campaign goals.We also regularly feature campaigns on our blog, newsletter, and social media channels.

Yes, you can add, edit, and remove perks before and after your your campaign goes live.

You can track campaign analytics through the campaign dashboard to learn more about your audience and their response.

Funds raised are sent to your bank account every four weeks.

Your funding goal should include the amount you need to complete your campaign (cost of manufacturing or producing and shipping rewards) and fees associated with running a project on OBLESS. We advise our campaigners to estimate all possible cost factors before setting the goal.  Once you launch your project, you cannot change your funding goal and deadline.

US-based projects: $1

UK-based projects: £1

Canada-based projects: $1 CAD

Australia-based projects: $1 AUD

New Zealand-based projects: $1 NZD

Mexico-based projects: $10 MXN

Japan-based projects: ¥100 JPY

Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Ireland, Greece, and Slovenia-based projects: €1

Sweden-based projects: 5 SEK

Denmark-based projects: 5 DKK

Norway-based projects: 5 NOK

Switzerland-based projects: 1 CHF

Hong Kong-based projects: 10 HKD

Singapore-based projects: 2 SGD

Poland-based projects: 5 PLN

There are a bunch of ways to find cool projects:

Our Newsletters: You can sign up for several newsletters to receive customized notifications about projects you care about.

Following: Connect your Facebook account to OBLESS to follow your friends and check out the projects they’re backing. You can also follow your favourite creators to see what projects they back, as well as be the first to know when they’ve launched a new campaign.

Advanced Search: Use Advanced Search to explore projects that interest you.

The Recommendations Page: A personalized hub for some projects we think you might like based on your backing and browsing history on OBLESS.

Take our Quiz: This will help personalize the recommendations we serve to you across the site.