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You can find more info in our tutorials.

When the user accesses the search function for the first time, the index file is downloaded by the user’s browser. All subsequent searches during the current session then access this local copy on the user’s computer.

A new paragraph must contain some text before applying a style correctly. Enter some text first, and then you will apply the style.

You need to have an account on to do it. For more information about the account registration process, please look at the About gallery page.

You can ask our support team to remove the screenshot from the website via our email, or you can press the abuse button under the image on our website.

Yes, you can. Just select a region for shooting and press Ctrl+C.

At the moment the image formats supported are .png, .bmp, and .jpg.

Please make sure you are using the latest version, and if the issue is still there, please contact us.

The best way to contact us is to send us an email.

Check the OCAPTURE hotkeys list page to get more information.