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Key Features of ODIT

Say more than what the texts say. Create compelling and unique messages with O-Dit’s multiple features to help your brand stand out.


Create unique pictures and videos


Diverse features and distinctive options


Make meaningful presentations


Create pictures, posters, videos, logos and GIF’s


Improve picture quality


Easy to use and delivers in a quick manner

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Here are some of the most requested sources for information.

The ODIT button helps you design your platform with a few lines of code. Your customers and users can create their ads, banners, headers, and much more to publish on your site without leaving your site.

The ODIT button can be used for any web or mobile platform to design their creations. You can use this ODIT button for blogs, websites, e-commerce sites, or social media platforms to create incredible graphics.

We are on web platforms right now. So, you can use the ODIT button on the mobiles website responsively. Our tech team will make the ODIT app available soon to integrate into IOS and Android devices.

Yes, users need to create an ODIT account to use the button. Users can start designing their creativity after creating an account or logging in.

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