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Your domain renewal will go on until its unique date of expiration, and afterward, it will automatically renew for one year after that expiration date.

Shockingly, domain renewal fees are nonrefundable. To ensure you don’t auto-renew next year, go into your account, and under Domains/Renewal/Manage, ensure “auto-renew” isn’t chosen.

We’ll save it for you for one month after the expiration date, and you can restore/renew registration during that time for renewal cost.

A portion of our add-ons has promotional pricing. Check here for add-on renewal data.

After you sign up for domain registration, you can add additional years of domain registration.

Consequently, your plan will renew for the same amount of time as your original plan.

Indeed, you can change to an alternate plan any time before your expiration date or after renewal. The only time you can’t switch plans is on the actual date your plan expires.

Sign in to your account. Update any off-base fields in your account data through the “Account Settings” “Edit Account Information” and make changes in like manner.

Probably, your auto-renewal failed because the credit card data is no longer valid. To resolve this issue, you should update your credit card data. You may have to manually renew your domain if it is less than 15-days before expiration.

No. It’s your web space for you to use as you like.

You can log into your web server via SSH and perform a MySQL dump. Once you’ve finished the backup, you can log into your web server through FTP to download the backup record.

Utilizing a client, you can access the server via SFTP or FTP. You can likewise use a terminal to access it via SSH.

The only way this is conceivable is if you purchase a Unique IP. At that point, your site will have a particular IP assigned. Otherwise, this is not possible.

The support team strives to answer all emails within 24-hours. Most are replied to in substantially less time.