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Yes, the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem can be accessed using any device.

We are working on making the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem accessible to everyone, everywhere!

One can signup to ONPASSIVE Ecosystem by clicking on the given referral link and sign up with the (first name, last name,, and password) and sign in with the valid credentials so that the user will be landed on the O-Mail inbox page.

Yes, we can access all the recently launched ONPASSIVE products on the ecosystem dashboard

Yes by registering into ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, users can get access to all free ONPASSIVE products and also subscribe to the paid ones.

You can access to the launched products by signing up into ONPASSIVE Ecosystem.

Users can subscribe to the product by using the following steps:
1. Click on Marketplace
2. Products list will get displayed with Subscribe option
3. On clicking Subscribe button user will be navigated to the Order Summary page.
4. User can view all the details of the product and click on Confirm order button.
5. User can opt to use his available credits from his account.
6. If the user opts for his wallet credits, then the remaining balance credits need to be paid using the payment gateway.
7. On successful payment user will be redirected payment success page where the user can view the bill summary of the subscribed product.

The marketplace is a feature of the ONPASSIVE Ecosystem, where the user can view all the upcoming products and the products he purchased and the user’s wallet grid and user must be able to navigate to the add credits page, where the user can add credits to his wallet.