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OPEER is an instant messaging platform for offices and organizations. The platform enables you to reach out to your colleagues in an instant. It is almost like texting, where you can send and receive messages quickly.

Anyone with an email address can be added to OPEER. If you want to add users, click on Add and type the email address of the person you want to add to the list. The contact is added to OPEER.

As an admin of a specific group, one can set who can send messages. Usually, every member of the group can send a message by default. As the admin, one can select who can send messages in a group within the group’s settings.

You can send images, videos, audio, and documents via the OPEER platform.

Click on the additional sections in the message center and add the file you want to share.

Yes, all the files uploaded on OPEER are 100% secure as confidentiality, and the platform’s data protection is top-notch with a data privacy policy with features like data backup, application security measures, and so on.

Yes, you can cancel your account anytime.

Go to Preferences and click on notifications and sounds on the main account page. There, select enable to enable the sounds and notifications and choose change to change the sounds and notifications.

Factor Authentication helps increase the security of the account. Once you log in, your username and password, a unique code is sent to your mail address; enter the code in the box and complete the authentication.

Since it is for office communication purposes, OPEER is currently only used on the office server.

No. OPEER is for official communication, and therefore it only supports instant messaging for its users and has no integration with any email service provider.

All the data is automatically and permanently deleted.

Go to the main application window, click on Settings, and select report a problem. Here you can report any issue you are having trouble with.

Go to my profile and click on my account information; all the data and details are accessible and available here. The same can be changed in this section.

Offline notifications are sent to your email address when you are not logged in to your OPEER account.