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Key Features of OVIRTUAL

Secure your data with the most reliable VPN tool. The features of OVIRTUAL help you to get the privacy and anonymity you need to secure your access to public network connections from anywhere.


Disables Tracking


Access information from anywhere


High-Definition streaming


Avoids high risk connections


Allows extension of VPN across various devices


Analysis of internet quality

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We can’t change your email address once you register with it. If you registered with an off-base email, register again with the correct email address.

You can permit OVIRTUAL VPN in incognito as follows:

  • Enable “Allow in incognito.”
  • Open extension page

Utilizing two VPN services can cause unexpected conduct. If you’d prefer to use two VPN services, quit one of them while using the other.

To reset your password, go to forgot password and follow the instructions.

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