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Customer Relation Management or CRM helps you build the foundation for high-quality customer data to enhance your brand presence in the market. CRM gives you the technical edge to gather the analytics required to understand customer behavior and chart your marketing strategies to make the most of every growth opportunity.

ONPASSIVE offers you O-Desk, an intricately built customer management tool that redefines the customer relationships you can foster to create a global brand trusted by the world. The AI-powered O-Desk is the best marketing automation platform that offers a unique interface with multiple features that lets you manage and store every facet of customer relationship management.

The data gathered is utilized by deep analytics to help you with decision-making tasks and understanding customer expectations and trends. This is a must-have tool for every business that works on a product or service-based niche. The O-Desk tool can help you align your marketing strategies with market trends and expectations, making you the industry leader.

Generate and Nurture Leads that Matter

Customer Relationship Management is a business aspect that helps increase the brand image and visibility in the market. Provide the best experience to customers with O-Desk- a unified customer management platform that enables you to provide the best experience to your customers in their journey.

O-Desk is the perfect lead management system that lets you engage with your customers via different channels. Understand your customer’s requirement and the intent of the conversation with the help of sentiment analysis made possible with the intelligent tool. Work intelligently with the AI-powered CRM tool and get the trends analysis of your business and intelligent ways to contact and engage with your customers.

Design and create automated processes that help connect with the market trends, sales growth, and so on. Ensure that you involve the right people with O-Desk and provide compliance at every step of interaction with your customers.

Explore the Exceptional Features of

The software helps you track your company's activities and manage new customers regardless of the business size. The tool has several additional features compared to the market's essential tools.


Lead Management for better Sales


Multilingual and Multi-channel Ticketing System


Performance management for reduced resolution time


Personalized AI chatbot with live chat solution


Self-Service for customers and agents


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O-Desk is a Customer Relationship Management Tool that functions as a centralized database that records, analyses, and stores customer contact and account-level information.

O-Desk helps you keep track of customer information and interactions to assist in lead generations, sales forecasting, quotes, and processing orders.

Our CRM is not just built on the foundation of the existing softwares in the market. It comes equipped with multiple features that make it more dependable. Offering 360-degree service in every facet of customer relationship management, O-Desk is powered by the latest AI technology making it one of the best options for any business to deploy.

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