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Key Features of O-Mail

O-Mail, an AI-powered email service comes with multiple features that enhance the ease with which you send and receive mails and manage your contacts. It is a convenient and a user-friendly solution to all your e-mailing needs.


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CC – Carbon Copy whereas BCC – Blind Carbon Copy.

The security level of your E-mail will depend on the email service provider used by you. Some providers, like Proton mail, use end-to-end encryption which means only you and the recipient can read the contents of an email.

Change your password. It shouldn’t be something that is easy to guess or remember and it should not be used for other emails as well. You should have a separate and authentic password.

POP3 and IMAP both are incoming email protocols. In POP3, an email gets downloaded from a mail server to a device and the same mail is deleted from the server. Here there is only one copy of the mail available on the device.

E-mail addresses are not case sensitive. Irrespective of how you type the mail gets delivered to the receiver.

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