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Key Features of ODESK

The software helps you track your company's activities and manage new customers regardless of the business size. The tool has several additional features compared to the market's essential tools.


Lead Management for better Sales


Multilingual and Multi-channel Ticketing System


Performance management for reduced resolution time


Personalized AI chatbot with live chat solution


Self-Service for customers and agents

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ODESK is a Customer Relationship Management Tool that functions as a centralized database that records, analyses, and stores customer contact and account-level information.

ODESK helps you keep track of customer information and interactions to assist in lead generations, sales forecasting, quotes, and processing orders.

Our CRM is not just built on the foundation of the existing softwares in the market. It comes equipped with multiple features that make it more dependable. Offering 360-degree service in every facet of customer relationship management, ODESK is powered by the latest AI technology making it one of the best options for any business to deploy.

While we offer Cloud hosting, ODESK is also available for on-premise hosting. On-Cloud ODESK can be accessed easily through our dedicated server and from your server if deployed as well. This option allows you to access the system from anywhere. The On-Premise ODESK can be accessed only through a VPN, ensuring complete security of the stored data. This is an ideal option for small to medium-sized enterprises.

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